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Walk Towards a Type 1 Diabetes-Free World

Former CFO/COO and partner of a national hedge fund platform, David Newmark enjoys pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. Aside from his work in the financial industry, David Newmark is an avid supporter of charitable organizations like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

A leading agency that funds Type 1 diabetes research, JDRF aims to progressively relieve sufferers of the brunt of the disease until juvenile diabetes is totally eliminated through further research. The organization currently sponsors scientific research in 17 countries. To raise funds for this goal, JDRF organizes the Walk to Cure Diabetes.

A fun-filled event, the charity walk is held in different locations worldwide. In the 11 years since its inception, the walk raised more than $1 billion for JDRF’s noble cause. Participants come up with creative fundraising promotions. JDRF provides an online participation center to make it easier for organizers to ask the support of their friends and families.


The CAI’s Kaplan Caring Committee

David Newmark, an alumnus of the Pennsylvania State University, recently served as chief operating and financial officer of a national hedge fund platform. In addition, David Newmark actively supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and is a member of Congregation Agudath Israel (CAI) in Caldwell, New Jersey.

Below is a brief overview of the CAI’s Kaplan Caring Committee.

Question 1: What is the Kaplan Caring Committee?
Answer 1: The Kaplan Caring Committee is a group of volunteers who provide assistance and friendship to CAI members in need.

Question 2: What are a few of the services the Committee provides?
Answer 2: The Committee provides a number of valuable services to members, including helping new mothers with their newborns; driving members to doctors’ appointments, banks, or grocery stores; and simply visiting with members who are ill and confined to their homes.

Question 3: How did the Committee come about?
Answer 3: As longtime members of CAI and the Caldwell-New Jersey community, George and Molly Kaplan had a desire to give back to the community that had given so much to them and in which they had lived for many years. The Kaplan Caring Committee serves as an extension and fulfillment of that wish.

How to Increase Productivity Using Advent Axys

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, David Newmark is a partner, CFO and COO of Chapwood Capital, LLC. His responsibilities include voting in new funds as part of a select handful of board members, performing due diligence on underlying platform funds and prospective funds, and carrying out risk control compliance measures. David Newmark wields expertise in software such as Quickbooks and Advent Axys.

Billed as the industry’s leading portfolio-management application, Advent Axys helps accountants and investment managers keep tabs on their firm’s financial operations, such as transactions. While the software might prove intimidating for new users, several key features stand out from the crowd.

Clients often demand reports tailored to their funds and resources. Advent Axys provides portfolio reporting tools to meet that demand head-on. One such tool is Report Writer Pro. Through RWP, investment managers can generate reports that are ad-hoc and fully customizable. These reports simplify the process of answering questions concerning end-of-quarter numbers.

Advent Axys includes several automated features. Automation reduces time spent tweaking tasks manually and, most importantly, cuts back on operating risk by reducing the potential for user error. New users should spend time browsing the software’s accounting and performance tools, concentrating on areas ripe for automation, such as reporting services and reconciliation.